• When I was first told I Had Fuchs Dystrophy I had no idea what it was or what I should do.  The doctor who diagnosed it did not treat Fuchs and could not tell me much about it.  He also knew of no doctor in Northern Nevada who did treat it. He suggested I go on the internet.

    I found the Corneal Dystrophy Foundation and through them the Fuchs Friends support group.  The CDF provided me with a wealth of information in their publications and the videos of their  symposiums held every two years. The members of Fuchs Friends answered my questions nd gave solid advice.

    The videos introduced me to many doctors treating Fuchs and I chose one of them, Dr. Mark Terry, of the Devers Eye Institute Portland, Oregon to perform the transplants which cured me of Fuchs. This group does great work in providing sufferers of the many Corneal Dystrophies great information and support to get proper treatment. 

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