Amazon Smile

Many major online and brick & mortar stores have Affiliate and other programs which allow NonProfits like The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation to receive a small percentage of the price of sales to their members. Each affiliate program has its’ own unique code for each affiliate so they can track purchases my by the affiliate’s followers, members, etc. We’ve gathered our affiliations here for your convenience.

We are enrolled in two programs at Amazon.  

  • The Amazon Associates program yields 5% (average) of your purchase price to The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation
  • The Amazon Smile program yields 0.5% (1/2%) of your purchase price to The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

The link below incorporates information that tells Amazon who to send the credited funds to from your shopping.

Please Note that the funds provided to The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation through these two programs have no effect on Amazon's purchase pricing.

Click or Tap the link below to go to Amazon Smile in a new window, Save this link to your favorites and use it for all of your shopping needs

Start Shopping at Amazon!

If this is your first time at Amazon Smile, you wil be asked to identify your charity which is The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation.  It may be listed as Corneal Dystrophy Foundation instead.

Continue shopping at! You do not have to go anywhere else on Amazon

We appreciate your efforts on our behalf!