Highlights from the Chicago Local Group Meeting 13 Jul 2019

A dozen people attended the July 13, 2019, meeting of this group. One had a first DMEK the week prior to the meeting. Two others have not had any surgeries. As no speaker was scheduled, each person around the long conference table introduced himself/herself with his or her name and brief version of his/her corneal dystrophy journey with any updates.
New people were invited to tell us what brought them to our meeting. Newbies were encouraged to ask questions.

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Meeting notes MetroDC Local Group 19 Jan 2019

In January, we had a small but lively and rewarding meeting that included two new participants who each drove an hour or more to attend their first corneal dystrophy support group meeting.

We discussed experiences consulting with Dr. Albert Jun at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, including the process of planning for and undergoing corneal tissue transplantation.

The discussion included ideas for developing a patient checklist for corneal surgery, encouraging ophthalmologists to refer patients to our group, and scheduling the group’s ongoing meetings.

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Interview with Dr. Mark Terry, Devers Eye Institute By Robert J Black Jr

Bob: Dr. Terry thank you for giving us some of your valuable time with this interview. All of us at the Corneal Dystrophy Foundation and Fuchs Friends appreciate it very much.

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